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Welcome to the exotic realm of Ábrego Jewelry, a land of opulent materials, painterly colors and the unique vision that brings them together. Artist Sasha Pyle creates each seasonal collection by hand, one piece at a time, in her retro-mod tiki studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A rich palette of precious, industrial, hand-carved and vintage ingredients creates the distinctive Ábrego look. Convenient magnetic clasps are a strong selling point in today’s busy world.

Faceted gemstones, rough natural minerals, lustrous pearls, vintage European and African glass, carved ebony, machine parts and intriguing beads from many cultures, all are juxtaposed with artistry and wit.

From East to West, Ábrego necklaces, bracelets and earrings are sold and collected by those with an eye for the unusual and the magical. One of a kind or limited edition.

Click on style buttons above to sample a portfolio of original designs. Call us to learn about wholesale pricing, or to see more of our ever-changing inventory.