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ÁBREGO JEWELRY is sold at fine stores from coast to coast. This site is not a catalog, it’s an invitation... a portfolio of a range of Ábrego creations. Naturally, what you see on our site is subject to prior sale.

WITH ONE OF A KIND DESIGNS, prices vary according to ingredients and construction. Limited edition prices are consistent within groups.

NECKLACES: most wholesale for between $100 and $250, but we have some specialty pieces in higher price ranges as well, and some fun limited editions that go for less.

BRACELETS: with magnetic clasps and safety chains typically wholesale for between $40 and $60. Stretch bracelets are less expensive.

EARRINGS: most range from $22 to $50 wholesale... can be higher if custom or gemmy to match a necklace.

FOR PRICE OR AVAILABILITY of a particular piece you’ve seen on this site, call us and we’ll cheerfully look it up.

QUALIFIED WHOLESALE BUYERS: please call or email and tell us about your store. Do you prefer e-mailed photos of current inventory, or a shipped pick-box (a method that has worked very well for many of our stores)? Interested in a trunk show or special event? We can customize a group for your store and clientele. You can ask for color palettes and price ranges that will complement your other inventory. Once you see and handle the jewelry yourself, we think you’ll find it irresistible!

NOT A STORE? Just an interested person? Don't hesitate to call us! If there's a retailer in your area that carries our work, we'll steer you their way. If not, you can deal with us directly. We frequently do custom orders for our private collectors who need a new piece or want to give a special gift. Just go to our "Contact" page to call or e-mail us, and thanks for your interest in Ábrego.